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Possibly the Oldest Map in the World

Ranmasu Uyana is a park in Anuradhapura Sri Lanka contains ancient Sri Lankan “Garden architecture” that dates back from more than 2000 years ago.

On one particular rock face contains a strange caving which locals call the “Sawala Chakraya”.

The strange drawing has left archaeologists puzzled with some claiming that it may have been ancient Sinhalese trying to draw an early world map. If so, this may be one of the first world maps to have ever been drawn.

Image result for Sakwala Chakraya

Image result for Sakwala Chakraya

Some people speculate that the “Sawala Chakraya” could have been early conceptual plans for utilizing the Sigiriya Rock and converting it into a fortress (which happened 500 years later). Others have said that it may be an astrology chart or an ancient meditation shrine. Extra-terrestrial theorists even claim that it was a stargate as similar vague inscriptions where found near ancient water ways in other parts of the world as well.

The absolute meaning of the “Sawala Chakraya” still remains a mystery.


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