Facts About Sri Lanka


In the ancient Indian poem Ramayana, Sri Lanka is set as the theater of war between Ravana, a Demon King of Lanka, and a Hindu avatar, Lord Rama.

The war erupted due to Ravana abducting Rama’s wife Sita into Lanka. Rama and his allies wage war in an attempt to retrieve Sita and Ravana ultimately pays the price. Sita is saved only to be later abandoned by Rama as her chastity was in question.  Rama forces Sita to face a “trial by fire” in an attempt to prove her innocence and it was found that Ravana treated Sita with respect during her captivity.

NOTE: (Ramayana contains 24,000 versus. The above paragraph is merely a brief summary of the poem.)

Rama(left) and Ravana(right)
Rama(left) and Ravana(right)


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