Facts About Sri Lanka

First Hospital in the World

Ancient Sinhalese possibly created the first ever concept of a hospital in the world! Archaeologists have found King Pandukabhaya (400 B.C.) established a health care system in Anuradhapura. Sadly, the remnants of the ancient hospital in Anuradhapura are in ruins. The Kings’ creation of the hospitals to care for his subjects are said to have been inspired from Buddha’s teachings of showing compassion to all human beings.

However, ruins of the ancient hospital in Mihintale, built by King Sena II of Sri Lanka (853-887 AD)  are still standing if you wanted to visit it.

Ancient hospital of sri lanka
Ruins of the Mihintale Ancient Hospital complex
Worlds first hospital
Notice the stone outline of a figure. This was used to bathe patients with medicinal oils as a form of treatment.


Ancient hospital facts about sri lanka.
This image shows the outline of the Mihintale Ancient Hospital.  The room on the right translates to a ‘steam room/bath/and toilet’ and on the left is a ‘refectory’ (a room to eat meals)

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