Sri Lankan Food

Introduction To Sri Lankan Food:

Sri Lankan Snacks:

Sri Lankan short eats are delicious and usually spicy (of course you can reduce the spice). Click the link for the recipe for these short eats.

Main meals:

Like most South Asian cuisine, rice accompanied with a few curries is the staple meal. However, unlike the mild delicate flavours that Indian food brings to the palette, Sri Lankan curries can be described as containing a much more intense punch which plays on each of the main flavours.

In Sri Lankan meals, rice is always served with at least 2 or 3 different curries on the plate. You’ll also find that Sri Lankan curries never infuse yogurt like in Indian curries but instead coconut cream to bring out the richness in their curries.

Meals in Sri Lanka are also consumed with hands. Rice and curry were never designed to be eaten with a spoon or a fork. In fact it cannot be enjoyed this way simply because you are only getting one particular flavour per mouth full. Ultimately, the diner uses their fingertips to mix a little bit of each of the 2 or 3 curries on the plate with a bit of rice and brings it to the mouth. This allows you to get all the flavours bursting in your mouth.

Sri Lanka, other main meals include lamprais, Kottu Roti (cut up roti with meat , eggs, vegetables), hoppers (Sri Lankan dome shaped crepes) and string hoppers. All recipes can be found in menu under Main Meals.

Traditional Sri Lankan meals are prepared on special occasion such as New Year. Of course you can eats these whenever you want to as well.



Sri Lanka doesn’t boast too much desserts but the ones they have are delightful.


Click the link to find common beverages that are enjoyed in Sri Lanka.