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The Voyager Golden Record

 In 1977 NASA famously launched a space probe called the Voyager. On the Voyager, NASA included a golden record which contained recordings of the sounds and life from Earth. This was done so that if it was ever found by extra-terrestrial life then they will know humans exist (assuming the Voyager remains in one piece and that aliens have a 1977 record player to play it back………..).

Anyways, the reason I’ve included this is because the Sinhalese language, among other selected languages was also included on the record. With over 50 phonemes, the Sinhalese alphabet is considered one of the most expansive alphabets in the world and has a pure base with a logical structure. It is also regarded as one of the world’s most pretties languages in written forms as well. (Pretty amazing as Sinhalese is only spoken in Sri Lanka which is a very small nation!)


NASA's Golden Record Sri Lanka
NASA’s Golden Record


most beautiful language in the world Sinhalese
The Sinhalese Language in written form. (I got no idea what this says but it is very beautiful)

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