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Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle

The cultural triangle contains (All UNESCO World Heritage Sites):Sri Lankan Cultural Triangle

-Ancient City of Sigiriya

-Sacred City of Kandy

-Sacred City of Anuradhapura

-Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

-The Ancient City of Dambulla




  • Ancient City of Sigiriya


Sigiriya Rock Fortress
Ruins of Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Short Notes:

  • An ancient rock fortress built by Sri Lankan King Kashyapa in the 5th century
  • A UNESCO world heritage site and sometimes referred to as “The 8th Wonder of the World”
  • You will gain an appreciation for Sri Lankan history and ancient architecture
  • Make sure you have a tour guide to explain to you the events and significance of each location in the ancient fortress.



  •  Sacred City of Kandy: (Visit the “Temple of the Tooth”)

    Temple of the Tooth Visit
    Inside the Temple of the Tooth


Short Notes:

  • A very popular tourist attraction! The temple, located in Kandy, houses Lord Buddha’s tooth. It is the world most sacred Buddhist site.
  • Can explore Kandy which is one of the most beautiful areas in Sri Lanka with historical significance.
  • Definitely a must-visit place where visitors often describe having a sense of “inner peace”.
  • A UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Make sure that you are wearing a long skirt or pants and clothing that covers your chest appropriately. People that are not dressed appropriately will not be allowed in the venue as it is a spiritual area where respect is expected.


  • Sacred City of Anuradhapura

Jetavanaramaya sri lanka tourism

Short Notes:

  • Described as the golden age of Sinhalese culture, the Ancient City of Anuradhapura at its height was one of the greatest cities in the world. Its fame, reaching out and attracting the attention of other sophisticated civilizations namely in Greece, Rome, India, Persia, China and Arabic nations. The city was the most stable center of power in all of South Asia and dominated Sri Lankan history from 4th century BC up until 1017 AD.
  • The city was known to be heavily fortified with each of its four walls spanning over 26 kilometers. Within these wall, great architectural feats such as the Stupa of “Jetavanaramaya” were accomplished with only the Great Pyramids of Giza being its superior from the entire globe.
  • You can visit Mihintale which has the worlds first hospital.

Video highlights Anuradhapura’s significance: (Look at Sri Lanka at 1.50 min.)


Whats important in Anuradhapura?

 (Please take a tour guide with you so you can appreciate these monuments )


  • Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa city sri lanka

Polonnaruwa city sri lanka

Short Notes:

Second Oldest Capital in Sri Lanka. During this era, Sri Lankan Kings built colossal irrigation networks throughout the island as King Parakramabahu the Great, 1153–1186 AD ordered “Let not even a drop of rain water go to the sea without benefiting man”. During this era, Sri Lanka has had the legacy of being masters of constructing irrigation systems. Most of these irrigation systems are still being benefited by Sri Lankans today!

Many ancient relics, such as palaces, places of worship, ancient libraries and statues still lie in Polonnaruwa and should definitely be visited.



  • The Ancient City of Dambulla


dambulla cave temples sri lanka
Dambulla cave temples – Sri lanka


Short Notes:

Sri Lanka largest and most well preserved cave temple. The Ancient City of Dambulla (1st century B.C.) has over 80 caves and inside these caves are paintings and statues.


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