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Sri Lankan Sour Jack-Fruit Curry (Polos Curry)

Serve with (Rice+ papadums +  one or two other curries)

Sri Lankan Polos Curry
Sri Lankan Polos Curry


3 cans Young Green Jack fruit
1 onion, chopped
1-2 green chillies
2 tsp garlic, chopped
2 tsp ginger, chopped
1 sprig curry leaves (optional)
1-2 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
2-3 tsp curry powder
3-4 cardamoms
3-4 cloves
2.5 cm piece of cinnamon
2-3 pieces goraka
1 can coconut milk
salt to taste


  1. Fry the onions, green chillies, ginger, garlic and curry leaves in about 1 tbsp of oil, till golden brown. Next add all the spices, fry for a minute for so till fragrant.
  2.  Now add the rest of ingredients, except coconut milk, stir to coat. Add salt.
  3. * Transfer the mixture to a slow cooker, add coconut milk. Stir and cook on low heat for at least 6 hours. The curry would turn a dark brown color when done. (I usually let it cook over night) Serve hot.

* You can cook this also in a pressure cooker. Cook for about 20-25 minutes at steady pressure (Since cooking times, vary depending on the type of cooker you have, use your judgment here)
** If you want to cook on the stove, cook under low heat in a heavy bottom pan.

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